Leading Your Team to a Glorious Victory

Leading Your Team to a Glorious Victory

They say that you become twice or even thrice better if you have a good coach. That is true. Coaches are physically and emotionally involved in every practice. They make sure that their team is improving every day. Every sweat and hustle is a stepping stone to reach that glorious victory the team is fighting for.

Get them to Listen

Training and coaching individuals who are coming from different walks of life is not an easy job. Aside from your leadership skills and charisma, you will need to make sure that the environment is appropriate. When talking to your team, make sure that there are no excessive noises or too much light irritating their eyes. Get their attention by making sure that they are settled down. Once everybody is ready to digest what you have to say, then it’s time for you to deliver the message in a clear and simple way.

You are the Role Model

Don’t be a hypocrite. When you tell your team that they have to eat healthily, exercise every day, then you should also do them also. Don’t let them see you eating at a fast food restaurant when you told them not to eat junk. Besides, there are many healthy options that have coupon codes on products. You are the coach, they look up to you. Don’t disappoint them. It’s hard to be your best self all the time but you have a job to do.

Do Your Homework

Before you became a coach, you had to go through rigorous training and assessments to get a license. Sad to say, it doesn’t stop there. Do your homework. It’s not enough that you know one strategy and positioning, you have to know more. Shop online using discounts for books. Never stop learning and keep the fire burning. Being a coach is not just about the sport, it’s about being a leader who knows what he is doing. These young people are depending on you to guide them and nurture them. There is no reason to slack off.



  1. This is why great relationships are important. Because they make an impact in our lives that somehow directs our life to something beautiful.

  2. I had a good coach before. His name was Mark. I will never forget how he moulded me to a person I am today. Even when he’s gone, he’s my role model up to this day.

  3. Leading a team of people can be very challenging. You need to have patience and determination to arrive at your goals.

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